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Maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship requires effort, commitment, and effective communication between both partners. However, certain behaviours can sabotage a relationship and lead to its eventual breakdown. These behaviours can be unintentional, but they have the potential to erode the trust and intimacy that is vital to a successful relationship. It is important to recognize these behaviours and work to address them if they are present in your relationship. 

By taking responsibility for your actions, communicating effectively, and treating your partner with respect and kindness, you can foster a healthy and fulfilling relationship that will last for years to come. Hence, here are eight behaviours to look out for as they may sabotage your relationship.

Here Are 8 Behaviours That May Sabotage Your Relationship

Communication Issues

Communication is the key to any relationship and it is essential to communicate your feelings. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, resentment, and even arguments. It’s important to be open and honest with your partner and to make an effort to listen actively to what they have to say.

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Lack of Trust

Trust is an essential ingredient in any healthy relationship. There is no relationship without trust. If you find yourself constantly questioning your partner’s actions or motives, it can be a sign of deeper trust issues that need to be addressed.


While a little jealousy is natural in any relationship, excessive jealousy can be a major source of conflict. It’s important to communicate your feelings of jealousy with your partner and work together to establish trust and boundaries.

Being Controlling

Being overly controlling can be a major turn-off for your partner. It’s important to recognize that your partner is an independent individual with their thoughts and feelings.

Neglecting Your Partner

It’s important to make an effort to spend time with your partner and show them that you care. Neglecting your partner can lead to feelings of loneliness and resentment.

Disrespectful Behaviour

Whether it’s name-calling, insults, or belittling, disrespectful behavior can be incredibly damaging to a relationship. It’s important to treat your partner with kindness and respect.

Taking Your Partner for Granted 

It’s easy to take your partner for granted when you’ve been together for a long time. However, failing to appreciate your partner can lead to feelings of neglect and resentment.

Not Taking Responsibility

It’s important to take responsibility for your actions in a relationship. If you make a mistake, own up to it and work to make things right. Blaming your partner or making excuses can be a major source of conflict.

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