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Known for her roles in ‘Badlapur’, ‘Hunterrr’, ‘Manjhi – The Mountain Man’, ‘Phobia’, and ‘Parched’, among others, actress Radhika Apte talked about the USP of the spy comedy ‘Mrs Undercover’ in which she is seen playing the role of Durga, a housewife and an undercover agent.
She also shared how not only men but housewives also need to understand their worth and men should equally participate in household chores.

Radhika told IANS: “The film’s USP is I think the genre that it’s a very different genre than what we normally see. It is about this character’s journey to find self worth and saying no to people treating her badly, setting her boundaries. I think, we all struggle with self confidence, self worth, love. And I think that’s our perpetual journey. So that’s how I relate to the character as well.”
She added that men also need to change their thinking as many of them think they don’t need to do household work.

“I think, men still feel that they don’t have to work. They don’t even know how to do a lot of jobs, I think in day to day life, especially definitely here in India. And I think that that needs to change not just for women, but I think even for men, it’s good for men to become independent and know how to clean your clothes and how to cook for yourself,” she added.

“I do think that people think housewives are just housewives and I also think that housewives themselves think of themselves as just a housewife. But it will change, it is changing, the more women work and more women put their foot down for their own dreams and their own. Whatever they want to do. It is changing,” shared Radhika.

Radhika has been quite vocal about sexual harassment and she said that things are changing and with movements like the MeToo movement, there is a lot of awareness.

Talking about her future project, she added: “I’ve just finished a British project. I have another American film and then Hindi film coming up, I’ll announce that soon.”

Directed and written by debutant director, Anushree Mehta, ‘Mrs Undercover’ features Radhika Apte in the lead role. It also stars Sumeet Vyas, Rajesh Sharma and Saheb Chatterjee.

‘Mrs Undercover’ streams on ZEE5.

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