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Bhumi Pednekar has been on a roll! She’s seen in some diverse movies back-to-back – from a massy ‘Govinda Naam Mera’ to ‘Bheed’ and now Anubhav Sinha‘s ‘Afwaah‘. The actress shot for six movies last year and there are going to be many announcements soon. Her film with Anubhav Mishra, ‘Afwaah’ sees her share screen space with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.
Ask her if this sort of variety and being able to have a process for each character has been her aim and Bhumi says, “One of my biggest fears in life is that I’ll stagnate, I will become lazy and comfortable with what I have. When you’re often complimented on your art or craft, people tend to become comfortable but it makes me uncomfortable. I start questioning everything that I’m doing, I start questioning my sincerity towards the film. That’s also my process so that I don’t stagnate as an actor. With everything, you try to give your most, but having a director who helps you push your boundaries is something I’m constantly chasing. That’s why for me, to be a part of ‘Afwaah’, the biggest carrot was Sudhir sir.”

Bhumi believes that the female characters in Anubhav’s movies are very strong. “I’ve seen all his films and for all selfish reasons, I feel there’s something he does with his female characters. Actors in his films get a chance to step out of their comfort zone. I’ve definitely matured as an actor after passing through his school of filmmaking.”
While their film ‘Afwaah’ deals with the intensity of trouble which rumours have, Bhumi fortunately hasn’t faced such adversity yet. But is she sensitive to rumours? “Most times, I ignore them but when I feel it’s affecting a loved one of mine – my mother, my sister and if it affects my work, that’s when I really would deal with it. Till now, I’ve been fortunate that till now there’s been nothing which has had an adverse effect on me, not that it can’t happen in the future. So far, I’ve not faced any rumour that has really shaken me up.”
But Bhumi is quite sure of not opening up about her personal life. “In seven years of my career, there’s very little about my personal life which has come out and that’s how it will be,” says Bhumi.
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Afwaah Interview: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Bhumi Pednekar & Sudhir Mishra On RUMOURS, Film Industry

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