‘Kennedy’ actor Rahul Bhat talks about immigrating from Kashmir when he was 15: ‘It was difficult for us as a family’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Rahul Bhat recently opened up about migrating to Mumbai from Kashmir and finding his calling in the entertainment industry.
In an interview with a news portal, Rahul said that every actor has their own approach. Some people go to NFD and FTII, which is probably the best way to get around this. However, he added that he wasn’t fortunate enough to do that because migration happened around the time and he is a Kashmiri Pandit. According to him, those days were difficult for them even as a family. They had just migrated from Kashmir, and his parents were not doing that well, the whole community was not doing well but he still wanted to be an actor.

Elaborating further, Rahul emphasised that he has not struggled in life even if there have been times when he had to pick up work for money. According to him, he could have gone on and on and fizzled out. However, he wanted to be an actor so he chose his path.

Bhat further spoke about the time when opportunities came to him in abundance. He got into modelling, did television and worked with some top directors at the time. Although he did get a lot of film offers, those were not the kind of films he wanted to do. The actor understood that if he did these films he would burn out. He would become one of those B grade actors and his game would be over. He would be over.

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