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As David Dhawan’s

Biwi No 1

completes 24 years on May 28, a completely unknown crisis from during the film’s shooting , comes to light.
Everyone knows the film was a bumper success and a turning point in Sushmita Sen’s career and the song

Chunri chunri

became her passport to on-stage durability. But what is not known that she had walked out of the film swearing to never return. It was because of Salman Khan’s intervention that Sushmita agreed to return and the film was completed.
No one knows what actually happened. But during the shooting, David Dhawan had a massive fall-out with Ms Sen over how a particular sequence was to be shot. Sushmita is a woman and actress of firm convictions and there was no way she was going to do anything that she was not convinced about.
Apparently for the first and last time time in her career(that’s what Sushmita had told this writer) voices were raised and Sushmita walked out…Not just that, she made it clear she wasn’t doing the film.
David and his producers were in a panic. Sushmita was adamant.She not only refused to take calls from David and his team,she even refused to meet him when in desperation,David went to Sushmita’s home unannounced.
Finally, Salman’s intervention saved the Friday. He not only convinced Sushmita to return but promised on behalf of the team that nothing would be done to upset her for the rest of the shooting.
Sushmita and Salman remain close friends to this day. Salman keenly wanted Sanjay Leela Bhansali to cast Sushmita in a special appearance for the aborted project

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