Shabana Azmi on her happy relationship with Javed Akhtar: We have huge fights and want to kill each other | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Shabana and Javed Akhtar have been married since decades and their romance has only strengthened over the years. Speaking about their relationship, the veteran actress stated that they respect each other a lot, while there are times when they have ‘huge fights’ too.
“I was never a romantic, to begin with. I find that young girls, maybe today it has changed today, but young girls during my era had great ideas about romance. It would be fed on the fairytales, storybooks, and all the little cartoon books they would read. But I was never like that because I saw my parents’ marriage, which started with a lot of romance and then evolved into friendship. So what I have valued greatly is friendship. And to have love without respect is possibly not even possible,” Shabana told Filmfare.
Detailing her relationship with Javed Akhtar, she added, “For me, respect is an important part of love. Also, I believe in giving your partner space. I think it is important for people to have their own space outside of that love; otherwise, we can tend to suffocate it. But if you have a happy relationship, as I have with Javed (Akhtar), then it is one of the most nurturing relationships that can exist. Javed and I have huge fights and want to kill each other but at the end of the day, respecting the other person is important. We have the same worldview. We were children of parents who were so similar that we should have had an arranged marriage. Both our fathers were poets, they were both from communist parties and they were both Hindi film lyricists. There’s a lot of friendship between us. Javed is fond of saying that Shabana is my best friend. And this friendship is so strong that even marriage could not ruin it.”

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