Ashish Vidyarthi recalls when he told ex-wife Piloo Barua ‘I want to get married again’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Actor Ashish Vidyarthi recently married Kolkata-based fashion entrepreneur Rupali Barua, after divorce from his wife of 22 years, Piloo Vidyarthi. His second marriage kicked up a social media storm while many criticized the veteran actor for his decision to marry again. Now, in a new interview, the seasoned actor has revealed that contrary to what people are speculating, the decision to separate from his ex-wife was not easy, since they both tried everything possible to make things work.
Speaking about his first wife Piloo, Ashish shared that before the divorce they had several discussions and even went through months of working with each other. Despite trying everything they finally realized that it was not working, so they came to a decision. He also insists that it wasn’t an overnight decision since they are co-parenting their son Arth. Ashish further said that he will never hate Piloo or have any hard feelings. Instead, they walked on with wonderful memories of an amazing marriage. He has never seen Piloo just as his son’s mother and they will always be friends no matter what happens.

Ashish also sees his marriage with Piloo Barua as an ‘amazing 22-year journey in life’ where they fulfilled their responsibilities. The celebrated actor revealed that not just those conversations between the two but they took support and help from professionals as well before getting divorced. He further recalled the moment when he told Piloo that he wanted to get married again since the actor was very clear that he didn’t want to live alone.
When Ashish Vidyarthi informed Piloo Barua that he wished to get married she responded saying that her way of looking at life is different from Ashish. While looking back at all these things happened in the past few weeks, the popular actor feels that after the completion of one chapter, they chose two different parts.

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