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This week your love life may be a bit of a roller coaster. You might feel pulled in two different directions, and it could be hard to make the right decision. Watch out for differences with your spouse. On the career side, you’re near the end of a process. Things are finally coming to a close. Don’t be afraid to take the lead – you have the right skills and mindset to succeed.


This week, love brings rewards. Look for opportunities to find happiness within. Consider the emotional and practical aspects of your romantic connection. As for career, success is in sight. Take deliberate, tangible steps towards your goals, and remain open-minded and focused. You could get guidance from an unexpected source and gain an appreciation for smaller details and progress. This is a favourable time to change your job.


This week, you must stay balanced in your career and love life. Having a deep connection with those close to you is important, but don’t let emotions control your life. Be open to communication and willing to cooperate with colleagues and partners. Take enough time to voice your opinions and needs to come to a compromise. If you stay grounded, this week is set to bring contentment and joy.


Your love life may be a bit off-track this week. You may experience a lack of satisfaction in a current relationship. There might also be a feeling of stagnation in your career. Unfortunately, a solution may seem out of reach, so it’s best to take a break and focus on other aspects of your life. However, now is the time to actively pursue new opportunities and stretch yourself out of your comfort zone.


This week, you need to reassess your long-term goals in terms of life and love. Explore creative solutions to difficult problems and look at where you place your energy. Use your fortitude and courage to achieve your professional goals, but do not overcommit by biting off more than you can chew. You will have the support of your seniors. Investment in real estate will bring positive results.


This week, your love life will benefit from some generosity. Whether it’s acts of kindness towards your partner or helping a friend in need, it could be a rewarding experience. You may have an important decision on the career front, like a new career or job. Be level-headed, and don’t let someone influence you. Go with your gut, be logical, and remain mindful of the repercussions of your choices.


Stagnation, apathy, and loneliness may block happiness in your relationship. Singles, don’t be afraid to be selective in accepting love and don’t get caught up in clinging to superficial relationships just for the sake of it. Professionally, you could be a bit overwhelmed with what you need to do. Carefully contemplate what possibilities you could pursue and ensure you approach the options cautiously – don’t rush in with decisions you might regret.


This week your career could lay the foundation for greater success. Whether you’re self-employed, searching for a new job or focused on promotion, focus on the details. Love-wise, don’t be afraid to make bold moves and take risks. Finances may be an area up for negotiation — think clearly before you commit to anything that could send you down a precarious path.


Your love forecast is hopeful, but don’t be complacent; focus on your relationships and ensure they are strong. Be aware of old behaviour patterns that may hold you back. Try to look at things from a new perspective. Have faith that all of your efforts will be worth it. Professionally, there could be delays, and progress may be slow, but your hard work and patience will pay off in the end. 


A pleasant surprise awaits you this week. You and your spouse will enjoy harmonious and happy times that bring out the best in both of you. Some of you will be required to make a choice in a love matter. At work, you might find your situation changing. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities – you can handle any challenge. Remain grounded and prepared, and you’ll come out on top.


Connection with your significant other or potential partner will bring hope and positivity. Increasing communication and understanding marks this period as one of harmony and peacefulness. Stay sharp in the workplace, be tactical, and maintain a competitive position. Exercise caution with information and know you can outwit any opposition. Avoid indulging in office politics and unnecessary gossip.


This week, slow down and focus on yourself. Responsibilities at home and work might make you fatigued and overworked. It is the perfect time to check in with yourself and your intentions. At work, it is time for creativity and new ideas. Use this time to brainstorm and develop new solutions to obstacles that stand in your way professionally. Be open to new possibilities, and let your intuition guide you. 

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner & Consultant)


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