Mukesh Khanna breaks silence on Shaktimaan film rumoured to be starring Ranveer Singh: It’s going to be a Rs 200-300 crore film | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Last year a grand announcement was made about a film being made on India’s popular superhero Shaktimaan. Buzz was that Ranveer Singh would be playing the lead role in this entertainer, but there was no confirmation about the same.
Mukesh Khanna, who played the popular desi superhero in the TV series, has now opened up on why the film has been delayed. Speaking on his YouTube channel Bheeshm, Mukesh Khanna said, “Contract has been signed. Ye bohot bade level ki film hai. One film would cost Rs 200-300 crore and it will be made by Sony Pictures, the one who made Spider-Man. But it kept getting delayed, first there was the pandemic, I had announced it on my channel too that the film is happening, but…”
Promising it to be a grand entertainer, Mukesh Khanna further stated, “I recently told someone that this is not a small film, it is a massive film and that takes time. A lot of things are happening, but I am not allowed to talk. The big question is, will I be Shaktimaan? Who will play it? I can’t reveal. But it is a commercial film, so it involves a lot of commercial talks. But main rahuga, mere bagair toh Shaktimaan nahi ban sakti ye sabko pata hai (I will be in the film, Shaktimaan can’t be made without me, everyone knows).” He also updated his fans that he cannot make any appearance in Shaktimaan’s get-up now as the makers of the movie don’t want any comparison. He also promised that an official announcement about the cast and crew will be made soon.

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