DHENEWS MAGAZINE June 2023 Volume 02 Issue 01 – Ft. Alankrita Turaga

DHENEWS Fashion Magazine June 2023 Volume 02 Issue 01

Cover Story

Alankrita Turaga: A Multifaceted Beauty Blogger and Model with Dreams and Determination


In the ever-evolving world of beauty, fashion, and art, there are individuals who effortlessly stand out with their unique talents and remarkable journeys. Alankrita Turaga, a 25-year-old beauty blogger, model, and aspiring clinical psychologist, is one such extraordinary individual. With numerous academic achievements and a passion for the industry, Alankrita is carving her own path and making her dreams come true.

From a young age, Alankrita showcased exceptional academic prowess. In 2015, she emerged as the school topper in Psychology during the CBSE board exams, setting the foundation for her future endeavors. Not only that, but she also received the prestigious ‘Best Performer’ award for her exceptional social work contributions as a volunteer at the SpeakUp World Foundation, an NGO dedicated to empowering individuals through education and advocacy.

Beyond her academic achievements, Alankrita possesses a fun and fascinating side. She has an innate talent for languages and loves learning and speaking new tongues. Her aspiration to become a polyglot demonstrates her dedication to mastering diverse languages, be it Indian or foreign. Currently fluent in English, Hindi, Telugu, and with a grasp of broken Tamil and French, Alankrita is on her way to achieving her linguistic goals.

During an exclusive interview, Alankrita shared her exciting journey and how she embarked on her foray into the industry. While many encouraged her to pursue modeling and beauty contests from a young age, Alankrita’s focus shifted towards medical sciences, particularly psychology, in which she excelled. However, her desire for something more in life led her to rediscover her childhood dreams. Alankrita realized that she owed it to herself to explore the world of modeling and make her dreams a reality.

What sets Alankrita apart from other artists in the industry is her unique outlook and perspective on the world around her. She possesses a distinct creative side that distinguishes her from her peers. This individuality allows her to bring a fresh and captivating essence to her work, capturing the attention and admiration of those who encounter her artistry.

Reflecting on her career highlights, Alankrita fondly recalls her first portfolio shoot, which coincided with her parents’ wedding anniversary. Planning meticulously with her photographer, she devised different looks and concepts that embodied her vision. On the day of the shoot, Alankrita casually informed her parents that she was going out to hang out with friends. However, she surprised them by returning with a full face of professional makeup, unveiling her secret ambition. To her delight, her parents were not only accepting but also genuinely delighted and supportive of her decision. Alankrita’s fear of their reaction dissipated, and she discovered a new level of encouragement and open-mindedness within her family.

As Alankrita Turaga continues to pursue her dreams, she serves as an inspiration to young aspiring artists and individuals seeking to redefine themselves. With her diverse talents, academic achievements, and unwavering determination, she exemplifies the power of following one’s passion and embracing the journey that unfolds.

To learn more about Alankrita Turaga and her extraordinary career, dive into the exclusive interview:

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