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New Delhi: South Korean star Park Soo Ryun, who is known for ‘Snowdrop’, and has appeared in several musicals such as ‘The Days We Loved’ and ‘Siddhartha’ has died following a fatal accident at the age of 29. As reported by ‘Osen’, the actress fell down a flight of stairs while returning to her home. She was rushed to a hospital, where doctors ‘declared her brain dead after resuscitating her.’

She reportedly died just a day before her performance in Jeju Island. In honour of the actor, her family has decided to donate her organs.

Who Was Park Soo Ryun?

Park Soo Ryun made her debut in 2018 with the musical ‘Il Tenore’. She then went on to appear in more musicals. In ‘Snowdrop’, Park Soo Ryun played the role of one of the detained university students who were later released by authorities later. She was most popularly known for the K-Drama series ‘Raindrop’ in which she starred alongside Jung Hae-in and BLACKPINK Jisoo.

Park Soo Ryun Career

Park was interested in acting right from her teenage years, she made her debut in 2018 with ‘Musical Il Tenore.’ Park received a lot of love for the historical drama series ‘Raindrop.’ Despite it being a small role, she had later extended her gratitude towards her co-stars Jung Hae-in and Jisso where she had praised them and expressed her excitement for being a part of such a huge canvas. Also, it was her first K-Drama and fans loved her.

Park Soo Ryun’s Pet

Park was very fond of animals and had a pet cat named ‘Kanto.’

Park Soo Ryun’s mother told Soompi, “Only her brain is unconscious, and her heart is still beating. There must be someone who desperately needs (organs). As her mother and father, we will be able to live comforted (by the thought that her heart) has gone to someone and is beating.”

It has been revealed that Park Soo Ryun’s mortuary is placed at Suwon Hospital of Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center, and the funeral procession will take place on June 13.


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