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This is a week of passion and confidence. Take charge and ignite the flame of passion while respecting your partner’s boundaries. Open yourself up to new experiences and embrace the journey of love. At work, celebrate your achievements and acknowledge your growth. This is a time of fulfilment and recognition in your professional life. Consider new possibilities for advancement, whether a job change or starting a new venture. 


For love, this week could be quite challenging. Your conversations with your partner may be filled with criticism and nitpicking. Differing opinions or values may likely be causing tension, and it may be difficult to agree. There could bring some difficult decisions at work. It is important not to make rash decisions and weigh all your options before taking action. It may be beneficial to seek out professional advice or guidance if needed.


In matters of love, you may focus on what you have rather than what you want. You will be more focused on stability and security than emotional connection. Professionally, you may question whether you are ready to take the next step or stay in your current position. You may be resistant to change. You may feel the urge to move forward but are unsure if it is worth the risk.


This week indicates good luck in love and relationships. You will feel a strong sense of connection with your loved ones. You may even find yourself in a newly blossoming romance destined to be sweet and fulfilling. You will likely be presented with an opportunity too good to pass up at work. This could be a new job, a promotion or a business venture that will bring you great success. 


This week, you may feel like you’re in limbo regarding love. You need a transformation and a shift in perspective before you can move forward. You may need to reflect on your situation and what it means. On the career front, there is a transition that indicates that while you may be facing a difficult situation, you will eventually make it through and be able to move forward. 


Your love life speaks of temptation, self-indulgence and taking the easy way out. While it is easy to be drawn into the temptation of instant gratification, it is important to remember to look towards the long-term and take the right steps towards a fulfilling relationship. On the career front, you should take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. You may be presented with great chances to advance in your career, and you should seize them. 


This week, your love life will be filled with harmony and balance. You will feel emotionally secure and enjoy the stability of a strong connection with your partner. On the career front, you now have the opportunity to make some steady progress and investments. You are in a good place to reap the rewards of your hard work. Focus on building your financial security and taking your career to the next level. 


This week is a great one for love and career. You will feel confident and passionate in your relationships. Your enthusiasm and energy will be infectious, and you will be surrounded by people who want to join in your fun. You will be determined and motivated at work to get ahead. This is a great time to take risks and push yourself towards greater success. Your hard work and dedication will pay off.


There could be some emotional confusion or pain in your love life, but ultimately a sense of clarity will come. It is time to move on, and the potential for a new and positive start is there. Career-wise, you may have reached an ultimate low point in your professional life, but this is also a turning point. A new beginning is on the horizon; take positive steps to create your desired success.


The week ahead looks optimistic in terms of love and career. You are likely to experience a great deal of joy and satisfaction in your relationships. Your partner will admire and appreciate your efforts. In terms of career, there is success, fulfilment, and abundance. You will take on new opportunities that allow you to shine brightly. Make connections and be open to the possibilities.


Your relationship with your partner will be stable and secure. You will feel content and supported in your relationship. Professionally, you will have a good eye for detail and be able to use your skills to your advantage. You can use your creative talents to bring success to your projects. Your problem-solving abilities will be appreciated, and you should be able to manifest your goals easily.


This week brings warmth and enthusiasm into your relationships. You will be passionate and eager to explore new experiences with your partner. You will have the courage and intelligence to make the right decisions and confidently move forward at work. Your career will be filled with success and adventure if you take a risk and use your intelligence to make the right decisions. Take the plunge and enjoy the success that follows!

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner & Consultant)


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