Bigg Boss OTT 2 Updates: Jiya Shankar Mixes Hand Wash In Elvish Yadav’s Drinking Water | Television News

New Delhi: Elvish Yadav becomes the new captain of the house and adopts the role of a dictator, as assigned by Bigg Boss. He forces housemates to confess or make certain statements against their will. Elvish makes Falaq say certain statements against Avinash Sachdev. The YouTuber’s dictator creates quite havoc in the house. 

Ordering around everyone, he asks Jiya Shankar to fetch him some water. Jiya plays a prank on Elvish Yadav and pours him a glass of water, while purposefully adding some hand wash to the drink. After Elvish drinks the water, he notices the taste of soap in the water and asks Manisha to taste it. Soon, the duo get into an argument, and Elvish uses some cuss words against Jiya. 

Falaq questions Jiya about mixing soap in Elvish’s drinking water and says she could have tried the same prank on him by adding salt or lime to it. Jiya admits her mistake and apologises to Elvish. 

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Elvish asks Avinash to do the dishes in the kitchen. However, the latter ignores it and delays performing the task. Elvish asks Falaq to become his personal assistant and stay away from Avinash. 

While Jiya, Avinash and Falaq are in the washroom area, Elvish asks Abhishek to ask the trio to appear before him. Elvish then asks Avinash to perform certain tasks. However, Avinash gets triggered when Elvish says, “Bandi teri, romance mera.” Falat retorts to Elvish’s remarks saying, “Don’t include me.” Both Elvish and Avinash get into an argument and call each other names. 

Jiya comes in the kitchen area and says she won’t be able to do all the dishes as they are too much. Abhishek and Manisha offer to help her in her duty. However, Aashika and Jiya get into an argument. 

Pooja Bhatt discusses with Avinash how Abhishek Malhan and Elvish argue primarily with females, expressing her observations.

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