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You may experience a sense of heartache, sorrow, and confusion as your relationship is put to the test. If there is a misunderstanding between you and your partner, it could influence your feelings and leave you feeling hurt and uncertain. You may feel overwhelmed & stressed in your work. Take some time to reflect at work before making any decisions or committing. Now is not a time to take any action.


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Think logically and empirically when it comes to making relationship decisions. Use communication skills to mediate disagreements or hurt feelings arising in your relationships. Meanwhile, there is a warning that changes are coming and that you should be prepared for sudden and unexpected shifts in your professional life. Stay vigilant and ensure you have backup plans for whatever life throws your way. Seek out expert advice or look for alternative strategies.


This week, things will be quite interesting. In love, you may feel strong vibes of passion and anticipation. Issues could arise from communication, and arguments can quickly become heated. You must mediate between two paths and choose the most practical for you at work. Be careful not to overextend yourself. Now is the time to save more than ever before and think about the future.


There will be contentment and enthusiasm in your relationship. You will experience a beautiful and pleasurable time with your partner. Problems cannot shake your fiery spirit and sense of devotion. This week points to difficult decisions related to your career. It’s important to be objective and disciplined. All your hard work will be worth it when you reach the finish line, so don’t shy away from the challenges ahead.


You can expect some good news, a generous gift, a windfall of your finances, such as a bonus, or a heartfelt proposal. At the same time, you may find yourself giving support or help to a loved one in need. Career-wise, a project or business deal should come to fruition. You’ll find the strength to take risks, leading to much bigger gains in the long run.


You may struggle with a romantic dilemma. It could be that your romantic partner isn’t the one for you, or you might still want it to work out. This week is likely to bring positive outcomes in your career. Tangible results are possible if you invest in a long-term approach and stay focused. You will have the edge in financial matters, whether saving, investing, or seeking a loan.


You are approaching a period of prosperity through your hard work, dedication and long-term planning. You may get a promotion or financial reward in the near future. Your long-term investments will likely pay off. In love, there is a strong chance of new connections being formed and existing ones deepening into strong bonds. You will be emotionally open and generous towards your partner, forming deeper connections.


This is an excellent week to reignite the spark with your partner. But be sure to speak openly with them, communicate what you need, and ensure you’re both on the same page. This is a great week to get a project off the ground and see it soar. If you’re willing to take risks and step into something new, great opportunities will come your way, and chances of success are high.


Your relationship with your partner will be warm and kind. Any conflict between couples can be solved with gentle solutions, and if you are single, it is a great time to make new connections. If you’ve been struggling with a decision at work, it may not be easy to conclude. Consider getting an outside opinion or taking some time to think carefully before making a drastic change.


This week brings stability to your love life. You have to stay open and honest in your communication and work on understanding each other, which will bring closeness to the relationship. At work, don’t get overconfident and take quick decisions. Think from all possible angles and consider your resources before taking a step. Be careful and try not to take any risks. Channel your focus on your current responsibilities to grow professionally.


There is good luck in love and relationship. You may feel comfortable and ready to put your heart into a fresh connection. Be open-minded, as there could be someone special around the corner. Don’t be afraid to explore a new side of yourself. Professionally, your hard work and dedication will pay off. Be confident in your skillset as opportunity will come knocking. Your ideas could lead you to gain recognition and wealth.


Your diligence and hard work will pay off, and you can find success through corporate connections or negotiations. You may also find yourself in a better financial situation and an improved sense of stability. In love, you will enjoy a period of balance and harmony. Although you may feel pulled in two different directions. Pay attention to meaningful relationships that can help bring you stability and support.

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner & Consultant)


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