Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 37 Written Updates: Bebika And Abhishek Get Into Massive Fight After She Pushes Manisha Amid Task | Television News

New Delhi: New day begins at the Bigg Boss OTT 2 starts with a motivational song. Aashika later begins with her ‘chugli’ session with Manisha Rani and Abhishek, collecting points against captain Pooja Bhatt. Elvish and Abhishek’s banter starts even before breakfast. 

Bebika can be seen complaining about Abhishek and Manisha, and Pooja and Avinash ask her to calm down and not take out older issues for no reason. Later, Bebika jumps in the pool with her mike, and all others laugh, on the other hand, Elvish teases Aashika for her dressing sense. Jiya clears the air with Manisha on her ‘made-up’ feelings for Abhishek. Later, Elvish demands Jiya wear a Plazzo set for him tomorrow. 

The ‘ande ka funda’ starts again between Jad and Abhishek. The YouTuber takes a dig at Jad’s issue with Egg distribution among housemates. Elvish and Aashika get into a verbal spat, and Manisha and Abhishek try to calm things down. On the other hand, Avinash questions Jiya about Jad and her relationship. 

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Jad, Jiya and Avinash are the new ‘Too Yum’ area gang members. Elvish and Manisha discuss Bebika and her ‘villain’ moves in the house. 

A new task begins- angel and devil! Abhishek, Manisha, Jad and Avinash are the team Angels and Elvish leads Bebika, Aashika and Jiya, team Devil. Team Angel has to be the goody-goodies and Team Devil has to make them break the rules, Pooja Bhatt becomes the ‘sanchalak.’ 

Team Devil targets Manisha, and Bebika tries to break her. Bebika goes under the belt with Manisha and pushes her. Abhishek hugs Manisha and backs her up in front of Bebika. Aashika targets Jad over food and picks up the ‘egg issue’ with him. Amid all the chaos, Abhishek and Manisha do a cute angel dance together. Aashika and Elvish even comment on Avinash and Falaq’s relationship. 

Bebika turns DJ, sings a song for Abhishek and Manisha, housemates go ROFL. Pooja Bhatt announces team Devil as winners as Manisha cried amid the task. Bebika again pushes Manisha, and both get into an ugly fight. 

Abhishek and Bebika’s fight begins as he backs up for Manisha Rani. Abhishek goes against Pooja’s decision and says that Bebika got physical and that is why the rule broke. And the classic ‘maa baap pe mat jaa’ starts again between Bebika and Manisha Rani. 

Pooja Bhatt says that Abhishek fighting for Manisha makes him weak, Abhishek disagrees and says she makes him stronger. The argument continues over the task and Bebika’s push incident. Housemates are looking forward to this weekend ka vaar and hoping for Salman to talk about it. 

Jiya and Abhishek get into a flirtatious and fun banter. Jiy to turn barber for Abhishek, talk about their hashtag and share a laugh. 

Bigg Boss sends Pizza for the winning team, Elvish shares his portion with Manisha and Abhishek. Elvish even regrets being on Bebika’s team, and says she will regret it all later. Abhishek says that Pooja used to say hurtful things when the season started.

Manisha cries while talking to the camera, and regrets her advice incident with Aashika. She even regrets her comments on Bebika and apologises to her parents on National Television. 

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