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Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in December 2021. Ever since their marriage, the couple has spoken fondly about supporting each other in their journey as partners. Now, during a conversation with film critic Anupama Chopra, Vicky showered praise on his wife’s illustrious career, acknowledging the hardships Katrina faced along the way. Vicky applauded Katrina’s tenacity and hard work, stating that she had scripted her own success story in the Hindi film industry. Drawing parallels with iconic actresses like Hema Malini and Rekha, Vicky believed that Katrina had carved her place in Bollywood purely based on merit.

Discussing their relationship, Vicky Kaushal revealed that Katrina Kaif’s practicality in her work life was balanced by her emotional nature in her personal life, characteristic of her Cancerian zodiac sign. However, when it came to professional matters, Katrina offered objective opinions, especially regarding Vicky’s performances and film trailers. He jokingly mentioned that showing her his dance rehearsals made him nervous, considering her candid feedback.

Vicky Kaushal further emphasised the importance of finding a middle ground in their relationship. Vicky believed that when two people come together, they must let go of their individual selves and prioritise the “us” in their partnership. Communication and understanding each other’s perspectives was the key to their successful marriage.

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As they navigated through life together, Vicky Kaushal cherished the wisdom Katrina Kaif brought from her two-decade-long Bollywood career. Her experience of highs and lows, right decisions, and mistakes enabled her to provide valuable insights when it came to making important life choices. He acknowledged that Katrina’s opinions were grounded in objectivity, making him consider them seriously.

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s relationship exemplifies love, respect, and support for one another. Their mutual admiration and understanding have solidified their bond, making them a couple that fans admire and look up to. Katrina’s journey in the film industry, filled with hard work and determination, has earned her a well-deserved place among the greats, and Vicky’s unwavering support is a testament to their strong partnership.

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