Bigg Boss OTT 2 Episode 40 Updates: Elvish Yadav, Jiya Shankar, Bebika Dhurve Win Ticket To Finale Week Task | Television News

New Delhi: The episode begins with captain Pooja Bhatt pulling up Abhishek Malhan for sleeping even after the alarm. She says a potential leader is one who fulfils his duties and stays constant. Elvish Yadav offers to help Manisha Rani in her task. Bebika cleans the bathroom area while she is still unwell. Pooja Bhatt tries to stop her from performing her duties. Elvish and Manisha exchange fun banter with each other in the kitchen area, as she jokingly asks him to let her stay in his 2 BHK set. 

Bebika tells captain Pooja Bhatt to let her do dishes instead of cooking food. She says she has never been appreciated for her work. Bebika tells Avinash that housemates have been appreciating Jiya Shankar despite that she has not been able to cook food properly. Avinash shares it with housemates and calls her ‘jealous’. 

Bigg Boss announces the ‘Ticket To Finale’ task and says three contestants will enter the final week. The Bigg Boss contestants are divided into three groups. Group A consists of Avinash Sachdev, Aashika Bhatia, and Jad Hadid. Group B includes Abhishek Malhan, Manisha Rani, and Pooja Bhatt, Group C has Jiya Shankar, Elvish Yadav, and Bebika Dhurve.

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With every buzzer, one group has to talk about the other contestants or things related to the BB House to make viral content. The audience will be watching the group that is performing. The group that makes the most viral content will win at the end and get closer to the finale week.

Team A’s player Avinash goes around and starts asking everyone what they feel about his and Falaq Naaz’s relationship. He asks them to describe his and Falaq’s bond in one word. 

Aashika and Jiya talk and sorts out their differences with each other. Jiya tells Aashika that while she is quite popular on social media, she has not been able to utilise her talent in the house. 

Team B’s Manisha and Abhishek target Bebika and ask her questions. Pooja, who is also part of Team B, interrupts in the middle and says that they are sounding fake. Pooja says that even though they belong to the same team, she finds Abhi and Manisha talking in a fake tone. Manisha gets upset after Pooja’s sharp rebuke.

Abhishek confronts Pooja and tells her that this is his tone. Both of them have a conversation about this and Abhi feels that he has successfully created some content out of it.

Later, Manisha goes to Jiya and asks her to confess her real feelings for Abhishek. Jiya says that she will talk directly to Abhishek about this. Manisha asks Avinash whether Bebika was fair in the previous day’s task. At the end of the conversation, she says that Avinash always supports the wrong people.

Pooja says that it would be nice if they had the conversation during their turn. This would create some viral content and the audience would like it.

Now, it is the turn of Team C to create some content. Elvish asks Aashika if she has any feelings for him. However, they are unable to have a proper conversation because Bebika keeps interfering.

Later, Elvish says Manisha that people might take her flirting in the wrong way. He says that he understands Manisha’s intentions because they are friends but many people will not. Elvish also says that he considers Abhishek to be his true friend.

After the task gets over, Abhishek jokes with Jiya that she has accomplished her mission. If Team C wins, it will be because of him. However, Jiya says that her feelings are true and she stands by what she said even after the task.

Team C – Elvish, Bebika and Jiya, wins the task. Bebika is overwhelmed and she believes that she won all by herself. Elvish, however, believes that she is not fit to go to the finals.

Bebika states that Pooja always scolds her to which the latter asks her to keep sulking. She is upset and leaves the conversation. 

Pooja goes to cheer up Bebika. She tries to talk to Bebika with Avinash. She says that it is time she should remove her make-up and go to bed as the day is over.

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