Sarah Jessica Parker reveals her favourite cosmopolitan cocktail in Sex and the City was just plain cranberry juice and water | English Movie News – Times of India

Sarah Jessica Parker, the award-winning actress who essays the role of Carrie Bradshaw in the six long seasons of Sex and the City, recently revealed the truth of her favourite drink in the show — the pink cosmopolitan. Over the many seasons of the show, the drink became “a thing” and now Parkerfinds that fans sometimes will send across the drink to her table if they find her dining at restaurants.She politely takes a sip along with a polite ‘thank you’.

She revealed this interesting tidbit about the iconic show while talking on the ‘Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi’ iHeartPodcast. She also said that it was only after a long time that she, herself, got around to drinking them. On the show, the bar would serve a cranberry juice mixed with water and pass it off as the Cosmopolitan cocktail. She described the drink served during the show’s filming as “terrible,” something that was just a Bordeaux-coloured drink, or rather a “pinky kind” of Bordeaux.
Finally, once when she was served the cocktail – with a citrus twist which was freezing cold – she found it so good that it was almost like a revelation, and she has loved them ever since that day. Cosmopolitans were Carrie Bradshaw’s favourite in the show, Sex and the City.

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