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In an unexpected turn of events, a video shows Pop superstar Taylor Swift at rumoured flame Travis Kelce‘s $1 million mansion in Kansas City. Amidst the frenzy around her alleged romance with the star, the new viral clip obtained by Daily Mail, suggests that the singer arrived at the footballer’s house, where she met with his friends and family and joined them on a party bus to the game.
The footage sees Taylor casually strolling on the sidewalk, chatting with Travis’ family as they walked to the bus. According to the report, Swift spent over an hour at Kelce’s home, getting acquainted with his family and friends before joining them at the family box at the stadium. However, Travis was not at the house, as he was reportedly in pre-game training.
Sources told the portal that Travis usually arranges a party bus for his family and guests to his home game.Swift’s presence at the Chiefs’ football game sent shockwaves through both the football and pop spheres. After the game, the pair was photographed leaving the stadium together in Kelce’s vintage convertible car.
In a photo obtained by TMZ, the couple were seen letting their guard down and cuddling. The photo saw Taylor seated on the football player’s lap with her arm around his shoulders.
While the exact timeline of Travis and Taylor’s budding connection remains unclear, the football star had previously expressed his desire to meet the singer when he attended one of her Eras Tour performances, revealing his intention to gift her a bracelet with his phone number. However, the intricacies of Taylor’s tour preparations had made any direct interaction with the singer impossible.
While their relationship status remains unofficial, sources close to the couple emphasized that Taylor and Travis are not “officially” dating.
According to the latest update, Taylor is set to make another appearance at the upcoming Chiefs’ game. The singer has reportedly booked VIP tickets to the game for herself and members of her team for this Sunday’s match that will see Kelce’s team take on the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium.

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