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Casting couch allegations have plagued Bollywood for many years. Several actors and actresses have spoken out against these practices. And now Esha Gupta, who is known for her roles in Jannat 2, Rustom and Prakash Jha’s web series Aashram 3, has opened up about her horrifying casting couch experiences.
Esha told Spotboye that she was subjected to casting couch twice.Recalling the first incident,Esha said that there was a producer who was seeking sexual favours from her but she refused to indulge in such activities. Without revealing the name of the co-producer and the film, Esha said that the producer had told the makers he did not want to see her in the film.
Post the incident, Esha stated that some makers even refused to cast her in films. She had heard what these people used to say about her, ‘If I won’t do anything then what is the point of taking me in the film?’
Talking about another incident, Esha revealed that there were two people who laid the trap of casting couch for her. But she was also smart. She had understood what they were trying to do. But she still did the film because it was a small move from their side.
“He thought that I would fall into his trap during the outdoor shoot. I was also smart, I said that I would not go to sleep alone. I called my makeup artist to sleep in my room,” she recalled.

Esha also expressed her anger on such incidents and said that these people can’t do such things with star kids because their parents will kill them. “They think that if we need work then we can get anything done,” she quipped.
Over the years, there have been efforts to address casting couch issues in Bollywood. The industry has slowly started to acknowledge the need for change. Some production companies have implemented stricter codes of conduct, and there is increased awareness about the importance of reporting and addressing casting couch issues.

OMG! Esha Gupta reveals facing casting couch – ‘I said I would not go to sleep alone. I called my makeup artist…’

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