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BTS star Jung Kook‘s love life has been the hot topic of discussion on social media of late. In a candid conversation, the singer has taken a stand to address recent rumours that have been circulating online and set the record straight.
During a live broadcast on Stationhead, the 26-year-old K-pop sensation directly confronted the reports, asserting, “I want to address something because I’ve been seeing comments about it—I don’t have a girlfriend.”
His statement, as reported by Soompi, sought to put an end to the speculations and provide clarity on his relationship status.
Jung Kook made it clear that he is not currently dating anyone and has no intention of doing so in the immediate future. His unwavering commitment to his work and career goals takes precedence over personal relationships at this point in his life.

He explained, “I just want to focus on my work now, so I don’t feel the need to have one. I don’t have a girlfriend, so please stop talking about it.”
The artist also took the opportunity to underscore the deep bond he shares with his fanbase. In a heartwarming declaration of love for his fans, Jung Kook said, “Right, my girlfriend is ARMY. I just have ARMY now. Stop talking about it. Ah [now that I’ve said it], it felt exhilarating. I only have ARMY now, so don’t worry. I’m only looking at ARMY now, so really, don’t worry, okay?”

With this statement, Jung Kook hoped to put an end to the dating rumours, reaffirming his unwavering dedication to his music, career, and most importantly, the BTS ARMY, who remain at the centre of his heart and focus.
Over the years, Jung Kook has been linked to a number of actresses and singers. Various fan handles have often taken to social media to post photos of the singer allegedly on dates around town. However, Jung Kook, through his agency has denied all speculation.

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