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Bollywood power couple Kajol and Ajay Devgn, known for their individual stardom and on-screen chemistry, continue to captivate audiences with their talents. Kajol recently opened up about her experience working under Ajay’s direction and expressed her eagerness for a cinematic reunion.
In 2008, Kajol starred in Ajay Devgn’s directorial debut, “U Me Aur Hum,” a romantic drama that showcased both their acting prowess. Reflecting on the experience during an interview with Film Companion, Kajol couldn’t help but shower praise on her husband’s directorial skills. She referred to him as “one of the best directors” she has ever worked with and revealed her constant request to be cast in his directorial projects once more. Kajol’s enthusiasm for a collaborative effort is evident, yet she acknowledges the necessity of finding the “perfect script” for their cinematic reunion, a script that has eluded them so far.
During the interview, Kajol also shared insights into Ajay Devgn’s filmography, highlighting her favorite performances by her husband. She applauded his roles in films like “Company,” “Bhagat Singh,” and “Zakhm,” underscoring his exceptional acting abilities. Additionally, she commended his recent performance in “Runway 34” as yet another standout portrayal.
Kajol’s own work in the industry continues to shine, with recent appearances in the web series “The Trial” and the OTT anthology film “Lust Stories 2.” Currently, she is involved in the production venture “Do Patti,” helmed by writer Kanika Dhillon and featuring Kriti Sanon. Furthermore, Kajol has exciting projects on the horizon, including “Sarzameen” alongside Prithviraj Sukumaran and a collaboration with Ibrahim Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan’s son.
As the powerhouse couple continues to make their mark in the world of cinema, fans eagerly await the announcement of their next collaboration, hoping for a perfect script that will reunite them on the silver screen once again.

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