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LABOUM‘s Haein has delivered heartwarming news to her fans, disclosing that she is getting married and expecting a child. Haein’s agency, RND Company, officially announced her upcoming wedding plan with a non-celebrity fiancé is scheduled for November. In a sincere handwritten letter to her fans, Haein conveyed her joy and gratitude for the new chapter in her life.She further explained how the decision to marry was extremely meaningful to her, as she and her fiancé had been friends since the age of 19. Haein also shared her elation about the pregnancy, describing the emotional moment she heard her child’s heartbeat. She asked for the warm blessings and support from her fans, Latte – LABOUM’s fandom, during this joyous but overwhelming time in her life.
LABOUM’s Haein revealed that she is not only getting married but is also expecting a child. The news broke officially on October 7, when Haein’s agency, RND Company, shared the joyous revelation that she would be tying the knot with her non-celebrity fiancé this upcoming month. The agency conveyed, “Haein has found her life partner and is set to tie the knot with him in November. Her future husband is not a public figure, and we kindly request your heartfelt support and warm blessings as Haein embarks on this new journey.”
Haein herself shared the news of her pregnancy with her devoted fans through a handwritten letter, expressing the depth of her emotions. She wrote, “I will be getting married this November. I understand this news might come as a surprise, but after much contemplation, I am confident in my decision to marry my fiancé. We started our journey as close friends at the tender age of 19, and our bond has only grown stronger over time.”
The joy and excitement in her message were palpable as she revealed, “While we were joyfully preparing for our upcoming wedding, we received an incredible blessing in the form of a child. The experience of hearing our baby’s heartbeat moved me in a way that words cannot adequately convey. It was a profound moment that filled me with an even greater sense of responsibility and overwhelming joy.”
Haein, ever grateful for the unwavering support of her fans, known as Latte, acknowledged the potential mixed feelings and thoughts that this news might evoke. She humbly expressed, “I believe that there can be no more heartfelt congratulations than those from Latte, who have consistently showered me with boundless love, support, and encouragement despite my imperfections. I would deeply appreciate it if you could kindly embrace the mix of gratitude, apologies, and love that I’ve earnestly conveyed in this letter.”

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