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Shefali Shah recently opened up on the vital guidance she imparts to her two sons and also shed light on her distressing experience of street harassment during her younger days. During an interview, the seasoned actor emphasized the importance of parenting, stating that the foundation of raising one’s sons correctly is indispensable. When asked about her personal encounters with street harassment, she acknowledged that, like many other women, she too has been a victim.
Revisiting her disturbing memory, Shefali narrated, “Like a vast majority, I too have endured street harassment. It’s still vivid in my memory when I was but a young girl, and was on my way back from school through a bustling market, when the incident occurred. The sheer helplessness and terror I felt that day was shocking. Surrounded by throngs of people, not a single individual stepped forward to intervene. Although the crowds aren’t an excuse, it sadly emphasizes the pervasive nature of such incidents, with countless women experiencing them.”

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In Shefali’s perspective, the safety of daughters is inherently linked to the upbringing of sons. Articulating her thoughts, she added, “Regardless of my celebrity status, I’m firmly convinced that the security of our daughters is intrinsically bound to how our sons are nurtured. Given that I’m the mother of two boys, it’s imperative for me to instill in them the right values. Today, the conversation isn’t limited to just the safety of our daughters; it encompasses the broader spectrum of ensuring everyone feels secure, respected, and free from harassment. To distil my parenting philosophy, I consistently advise my sons to abide by the golden rule: treat individuals as you would like to be treated.”

Shefali is also currently basking in the limelight, having been nominated for the International Emmy Awards 2023 for her stellar role in “Delhi Crime Season 2.” Overjoyed, she expressed, “The feeling is surreal. The nomination is a significant acknowledgment, and I’m still processing it.”
Directed by Tanuj Chopra, ‘Delhi Crime’ casts Shefali as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, with notable actors Rajesh Tilang and Rasika Duggal accompanying her. The series is rooted in real-life events. Its preceding season, which revolved around the Delhi Police‘s probe into the 2012 Delhi gangrape, became the first Indian web series to clinch an International Emmy Award.


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