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Actress Sophie Turner recently shared an endearing anecdote about her first encounter with her now-estranged husband Joe Jonas during an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. The story offers a glimpse into the early days of their romance and the emotions it stirred.
When asked by Jimmy Fallon about the moment she realized she was going to marry Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner’s response was both candid and heartfelt.She revealed that the realization struck her on the very first night they met. She humorously added that it might have been influenced by a bit of alcohol.
However, what makes the story truly special is that Sophie Turner, overwhelmed by her feelings, had a tearful conversation with her brother after meeting Joe for the first time. She recounted how they spent an evening together, hanging out with friends at a bar. The night continued at her apartment, and when Joe eventually left, Sophie couldn’t contain her emotions.
She tearfully confessed to her brother, saying, “I love this man so much!”
This touching recollection sheds light on the deep connection and affection Sophie felt for Joe from the very beginning of their relationship.
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s journey as a couple began in 2016 when they connected on Instagram. After meeting in person, their bond quickly grew stronger, leading to exclusive dating status by December 2016. Joe’s proposal in October 2017 marked a significant milestone in their relationship. They surprised fans with a Las Vegas wedding in May 2019, followed by a lavish ceremony in France in June of the same year. Their family expanded with the birth of daughters Willa in 2020 and Delphine in 2022.
However, their love story took a turn in September 2023 when Joe Jonas filed for divorce, citing irreparable differences. As they navigate the challenges of separation and custody arrangements, their journey together enters a new chapter.

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