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On the solemn occasion of Jagjit Singh‘s death anniversary, the Indian music industry reflects on the lasting impact of the Ghazal maestro’s soulful melodies. Known as the “king of Ghazal,” Jagjit Singh’s music continues to resonate deeply with listeners, a testament to his timeless artistry. He was honored with the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India in 2003, and his legacy lives on through his musical creations.
While Jagjit Singh’s Ghazals remain a cherished part of music enthusiasts’ playlists, it’s worth noting that actress Shefali Shah, a trained singer herself, paid a heartfelt tribute to the maestro by crooning one of his nazms for the romance drama film ‘Once Again.’
In ‘Once Again,’ Shefali Shah’s character captivates audiences with a track originally sung by Jagjit Singh. This musical choice was not just a showcase of Shefali’s singing prowess but also a poignant storytelling device within the film.
Shefali revealed that the idea to include her rendition of Jagjit Singh’s nazm came about during a script-reading session with director Kanwal Sethi. As they discussed the romantic relationship between the film’s protagonists, the director was reminded of the nazm by Kafeel Aazar Amrohvi. Impressed by Shefali’s voice during the casual singing session, the director invited her to lend her vocals to the film.
Shefali emphasized that her singing in the movie was not an attempt to showcase her vocal abilities. Rather, it was an organic fit for her character, who expresses herself through song while going about her daily routine.
The film ‘Once Again’ focuses on the love story between a middle-aged couple, portrayed by Shefali Shah and Neeraj Kabi. Their romance blossoms over shared tiffins and handwritten notes. However, when their relationship becomes public knowledge, Shefali’s character faces ridicule and judgment from society.
As we remember the legendary Jagjit Singh on his death anniversary, Shefali Shah’s heartfelt rendition in ‘Once Again’ serves as a touching homage to his enduring musical legacy.

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