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Buckle up, BTS ARMY! SUGA‘s electrifying YouTube rendezvous, Suchwita, is set to hit a crescendo in its 19th episode. The latest teaser, dropped on October 10, promises an enticing tête-à-tête with none other than the enigmatic rock maestro, Kim Jong Wan from NELL.

In a moment that’s sure to send shivers down the spine of every SUGA enthusiast, the teaser exposes the global idol in a rare state of jittery excitement as he prepares to sit across from his teenage idol.

Kim Jong Wan, the mesmerizing vocalist of the acclaimed South Korean rock band NELL, is all set to grace the show with his presence.
SUGA, wearing his heart on his sleeve, confessed to feeling like both an accomplished artist and an awestruck fan during the nerve-wracking interview with his longtime musical inspiration. The duo delves into a kaleidoscope of topics, from fashion to their collaborative masterpiece, “Dear My Friend,” and the profound essence of being a performer.
The conversation takes an unexpected turn when Jungkook‘s soulful rendition of their song becomes a focal point, earning high praise from both SUGA and Kim Jong Wan. Music, a lifeline for both artists, becomes the conduit through which they explore its transformative power during dark times and its profound impact on their devoted audience.
The charismatic exchange also unveils a candid moment of fanboy bliss as SUGA admits to possessing a prized NELL album at home, lamenting the missed opportunity to bring it for a coveted signature.
NELL and Kim Jong Wan’s Sonic Journey
For those unacquainted with the South Korean rock legends, NELL emerged onto the scene in 2001 as a quintet. Fast forward to 2023, and drummer Jung Jae Won bid adieu to the group. The band’s early days witnessed the release of two influential albums, “Reflection Of” and “Speechless.” However, their global breakthrough came in 2014 when “Newton’s Apple” secured a spot on Billboard’s prestigious list of the 10 Best K-Pop Albums.
In a recent sonic revelation, NELL dropped two singles in 2023, “The Beauty of Acceptance” and “Wanderer,” further solidifying their indomitable presence in the industry.

Kim Jong Wan, the heartbeat of NELL, stands as a musical polymath. Beyond his captivating vocal prowess, he commands the guitar, piano, and even the drums, serving as the creative force behind NELL’s soul-stirring compositions. His lyrical ingenuity enriches the band’s sonic landscape, creating a musical tapestry that captivates audiences globally.


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