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Megastar Amitabh Bachchan turned 81 yesterday, and his co-star from many movies Zeenat Aman missed passing on her wishes. However, today she took to her IG handle to share an interesting anecdote on her association with the super star.

She shared a pic of the two from their younger days and penned a lengthy note. She said, “I missed wishing Mr. Bachchan on his birthday yesterday, so let me make up for it by telling a story about him that I mentioned previously.

The story of the only time that I remember Mr. Bachchan being late to set. For reasons that will become clear – I’m not going to mention the name of the film we were shooting for, nor the year, nor the names of the director and producer involved.

We had a morning shift that day, and I hitched a ride to set with the film’s producer. As always, I had my script in hand and rehearsed my lines as we drove to the studio. Upon my arrival I went directly to my makeup room, and informed the crew to send me a message once Mr. Bachchan was ready for the shot. Our “roll time” came and went, but there was no sign of Mr. Bachchan. 30 minutes passed. Then 45. An entire hour went by before there was a knock on the door. An AD informed me the Mr. Bachchan had arrived. And that he’d run straight from his car to the set!”
She carried on, “I immediately leapt up and made my way downstairs. I had just about stepped foot on set when from across the room the director let loose a torrent of abuse! He was absolutely catatonic, and under the impression that it was I who had held up production. The cast and crew stood in stunned silence as this director ranted and raved at me. I couldn’t get a word in edgeways, and tears of indignation rushed to my eyes. I glared at the director, did an about turn, marched straight back to my makeup room and told my team to pack up.”

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“Even as they zipped up my makeup kit, the lovely producer arrived at my door, followed closely by Mr. Bachchan. “Babs, I know it’s my fault. The man is a fool and he’s drunk. Let it go and let’s get to work,” he said. I accepted Mr. Bachchan’s apology of course but I was still stinging from the unwarranted dressing down I had received. I was in no mood to shoot after that humiliation. When I finally softened and agreed to come back on set, the director threw himself at my feet and begged my forgiveness. It was all rather melodramatic, and though I completed the film, I never worked with that director again,” she wrapped up.

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