It’s ‘baby’s first day out’ for Ileana D’cruz and her two-month old son Koa, actress shares adorable glimpse – Pic inside | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Ileana D’cruz is the cutest new mommy in town and the actress makes sure to melt everyone’s hearts by sharing pictures with her son. Ileana had announced her pregnancy in April, post which she delivered a baby boy on August 1. He’s called Koa Phoenix Dolan and Ileana dropped his first glimpse too. She had shared, “No words could explain how happy we are to welcome our darling boy to the world Hearts beyond full.”
A few days ago, he completed two months and the mother-son duo looked too cute in a selfie together. Now, it’s time for Koa’s first day out with his mother. Ileana shared an adorable picture with Koa where he can be seen in a black stroller. Meanwhile, Ileana looked gorgeous in a white summer dress with a slit, sneakers and a denim jacket with cap.
She shared the picture on her story and wrote, “Baby and mama’s first day out grabbing lunch.”

Ileana has yet not revealed her partner’s name to the world, or spoken him. She had initially shared a blurr glimpse of him, where she expressed gratitude for having him. And later revealed his face once when they were on a date together. She had been an inspiration for many mothers and expecting mothers by being so honest about what she felt. Ileana had said, “Being pregnant is such a beautiful beautiful blessing…I didn’t think I’d be fortunate enough to ever experience this so I consider myself so incredibly lucky to be on this journey. I can’t even begin to describe how lovely it is to feel a life growing inside of you. Most days I’m just overwhelmed staring down at my bump going wow – I get to meet you soon 🥹 and then there’s some days that are so inexplicably hard. So trying. They’re overwhelming. All consuming. And things just feel hopeless. And there’s tears. Then follows the guilt. And this voice in my head puts me down.”

She further added, “And on the days I forget be kind to myself, this lovely man has been my rock. He’s held me when he feels me starting to crack. And wipes the tears away. And cracks goofy jokes to make me smile. Or just offers a hug when he knows that’s exactly what I need in that moment. And everything doesn’t seem so hard anymore. 🧿♥️✨”

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