Former Bigg Boss Contestant Kamya Punjabi Reacts On Contestants Having Phones Inside House | Television News

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 17 is all set for a glitzy launch premiere episode on 15th October. Just in time, a mega revelation broke the internet! Yes, you heard it right, stories broke out that contestants might have access to a phone in the Bigg Boss house. Breaking its own tradition, the news has left everyone with so many questions. 

Former Bigg Boss contestant Kamya Punjabi provided an interesting take on the same. Kamya Punjabi said, “Bigg Boss has been airing for several years now that every contestant comes prepared for it. After continuously watching the previous seasons, they kind of understand, before participation, whether there will be a secret room or not, whether there will be evictions in the first week or not, whether there will be a wildcard entry or not. They make up their strategy, but when the makers of the show then introduce new things like this into the mix, the entertainment level of the show for the audience as well as the contestant is heightened. It’s nice to see something new and something different every year.”

She further added, “Access to a phone hasn’t been granted for the past 16 seasons, but it is being introduced in the 17th season, so I’m sure that there will be some conditions. I’m sure it’s not going to be easy, I’m sure it won’t be for everyone, it might only be for certain teams that will have win a certain task or something. There will be a lot of struggle with that surely and that will be worth watching.”

As we all know, Bigg Boss is packed with dratic twists and fun moments. It will now be interesting to see what contestants can come up with in regard to the phone access, how might they use it to gain an advantage and play smarter. With the excitement building and the show set to release tomorrow, get ready to witness madness, excitement, and an emotional roller coaster that awaits the contestants as they embrace this new era of connectivity within the house when Bigg Boss 17. It premieres on 15th October and you don’t want to miss it. 


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