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This Navaratri, Urmila Matondkar shared her thoughts on empowerment and the concept of ‘settling down.’ Urmila has not been seen on-screen for a while, but the actress is still remembered for some of her iconic movies like ‘Rangeela‘, ‘Pyar Tune Kya Kiya’, Ek Haseena Thi‘ among others, along with many of her memorable songs. The actress is married to Mohsin Akhtar Mir.
In an interview recently, she discussed relationships and self-reliance, emphasizing the importance of independence and strength in life. She told Pinkvilla, that it’s essential to first understand yourself before getting into relationships or marriage. She emphasizes that there’s more to life than just having a boyfriend or getting married, and it’s important to explore and know yourself.
Urmila suggests that ‘settling down’ starts with mental clarity about your desires, applicable to both men and women. She talks about her own journey from a middle-class background with no connection to the film industry and how she focused on education and personal growth. She mentioned that even a lot of men are not ready to be married in life. It takes a lot of preparation both mentally and physically.
She encourages young women to explore life and understand themselves before entering relationships. Urmila mentions that the internet and social media have influenced today’s world. In her advice to women, she says, ‘First, discover and understand your own personality before thinking about boyfriends or marriage.’ She believes women have more choices today and that parents are more understanding. She emphasizes that marriage and children are great, but self-discovery should come first.
Urmila also highlights the importance of women’s choices, including having children. She states that the decision should be made by the woman and the couple if married, and society should respect and understand these choices.

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In her view, having children should be a personal decision, and it’s not just about physiological factors. Urmila suggests that society needs to respect and understand the diverse choices women have today.
She concludes by encouraging women to make the most of the opportunities they have and not let societal labels dictate their choices.

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