Park Eun Bin looks dreamy in new posters of ‘Castaway Diva’ – Times of India

The anticipation for much awaited series ‘Castaway Diva‘ peaked as the makers unveiled captivating new promotional posters of the upcoming weekend drama.
Park Eun Bin, of Extraordinary Attorney Woo fame, plays the lead in this drama. In the newest snapshots, she exudes an aura of serenity as she strums her guitar beneath the shade of a tree on a seemingly deserted island.Sun rays beautifully illuminate her presence in the dreamy poster.Park Eun Bin‘s infectious smile, coupled with her tousled hair and a simple white dress, creates a serene ambiance that raises curiosity about her character.
Park Eun Bin, who plays the role of Seo Mok Ha, shared her thoughts on her character and her reasons for choosing this drama. She was quoted by allkpop, “I was eager to understand Mok Ha’s perspectives on the future, influenced by her past life stranded on a deserted island. I wanted to align with the character’s imaginary reality.”
Drawn to the script’s intriguing portrayal of Seo Mok Ha’s life journey and narrative, she felt a deep connection to the title ‘Castaway Diva’. The actress further explained, “The most significant aspects of shaping Mok Ha’s character were her singing capabilities and her dialect. I have devoted immense effort to mastering these. I have invested my all into Mok Ha’s portrayal, and I hope the audience will perceive her as a companion from a deserted island.”
‘Castaway Diva’ will start airing from October 28.

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