‘Bodies’ Twitter review: Netizens laud this Stephen Graham starrer series, here’s what they have to say – Times of India

Stephen Graham’s new series ‘Bodies‘ directed by Paul Tomalin has dropped on OTT on October 19. The eight-episode series is a thriller wherein four detectives in four different time periods of London find themselves investigating the same murder.
The series is an adaptation of Si Spencer’s graphic novel from 2015. While it has got mostly good reviews from all over, here’s what netizens have to say about it. One user said, “15 minutes in the new netflix show #Bodies and I’m HOOKED”

A user said, “A visibly Muslim woman lead who covers her head and is pretty badass… Yeah I love #Bodies already. This is so refreshing. Amaka Okafor is also so stunning.”

Someone expressed, “Just finished watching Bodies. Based upon the 2014/15 graphic novel, Bodies is a new eight part Netflix series. Four detectives from four different time periods investigate the discovery of the body of the same man. As the story unfolds it is revealed how it is all connected. The ending is thought provoking and emotive. If you like detective series, period dramas and science-fiction then you will enjoy this. No, spoilers, but definitely recommend it, very binge worthy. #Bodies #BodiesNetflix.”

A fan said, “Watching BODIES on Netflix and OMG! there’s a gay Victorian-era detective and I am AGOG because my Inspector Raft was Family, back in 1888, so I am LOVING it. #Netflix #Bodies”

Many couldn’t help but binge watch it in one go because of all the thrill and mystery.

The series also stars Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Shira Haas, Amaka Okafor, and Kyle Soller.

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