Swara Bhasker wonders who she would protect her daughter if she were born in Gaza amid Israel-Hamas conflict – Times of India

Swara Bhasker expressed her grief and concern for innocent lives affected during the Israel-Hamas conflict in an emotional statement. She took to Instagram to share a picture with her baby girl and wondered how she would protect her kid if she were born in Gaza.
She wrote, “Any new mom would know that one can spend hours staring at one’s newborn with a sense of fulfilment, peace and joy like no other.I am no different. And I’m sure like many mothers around the world that feeling when we look at our baby, is now marred by persistent dreadful thoughts that are hard to ignore.”
She continued, “I keep staring at the sleeping peaceful face of my baby girl wondering how I would ever protect her if she were born in #Gaza and praying that she never finds herself in any such situation and then wondering what blessing she is born with and what curse those Gazan children were born under who are being killed everyday under an imprisoned sky?!?”The unadulterated evil and moral depravity we are amidst is unfathomable! To bomb children in hospitals, relief shelters, churches with impunity and a license granted by major powers of the world signals what dark and unjust times we live in.”
She concluded, “Praying to any God that will listen, protect the children of Gaza from further pain and death; because the world will not protect them.”

Swara and Fahad Ahmad welcomed their daughter on September 23 and the couple named her Raabiyaa. The actor, who tied the knot with the politician in February and announced her pregnancy in June.

Swara Bhasker and Fahad Ahmad perform chhathi pooja for their daughter Raabiyaa Rama Ahmed

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