‘The Kidnapping Day’ races towards the finale with record-high ratings – Times of India

‘The Kidnapping Day‘ is racing towards the much-anticipated finale, and the excitement is growing with each episode.
ENA’s thrilling series has achieved new heights with each passing week. As the series approached its penultimate episode on October 19, it continued to maintain its staggering viewership, making this season one for the history books. According to Nielsen Korea, the second-to-last episode of ‘The Kidnapping Day’ garnered an impressive nationwide average rating of 4.3 per cent, firmly planting itself in the number one position in its time slot across all cable channels.
‘The Kidnapping Day’ narrates the story of Kim Myung Joon, portrayed by Yoon Kye Sang, a kind-hearted individual grappling with financial difficulties. Confronted with the pressing emergency of procuring funds for his daughter’s surgery, he reluctantly agrees to his ex-wife’s proposal to kidnap a child from an affluent family. However, in a twist of fate, during his mission to abduct Choi Ro Hee, portrayed by Yoo Na, he lands up in an accident which injures the child he intended to kidnap. What follows is even more surprising as Choi Ro Hee loses her memory during this incident. The narrative further unravels to a complex web of lies and and intrigue.
In a surprising turn of events, the competition for ‘The Kidnapping Day’ is SBS‘s ‘The Killing Vote‘, has hit a new all-time low with 2.7 per cent rating for its latest episode, further cementing ‘The Kidnapping Day’ as the reigning champion.
As the finale approaches, are you prepared to bid a heartfelt adieu to this nail-biting drama when it reaches its thrilling conclusion next week? Brace yourself for an unforgettable farewell!

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