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It’s a known fact in the film industry that the first six days following a film’s release can often determine its overall trajectory. Currently, two blockbuster films, Thalapathy Vijay‘s ‘Leo’ and Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan,’ have been under the spotlight for their remarkable performances at the Box Office. Let’s delve into a comparative analysis of their six-day net collections in India, unveiling who’s leading the charge.
‘Leo’ made an impressive entrance into the cinematic arena, amassing a formidable Rs 64.8 crore on its opening day, which happened to be a Thursday.Yet,‘Jawan’ swiftly outpaced it by raking in an astounding Rs 75 crore on its inaugural Thursday.
As the first weekend unfolded, ‘Leo’ secured a total of Rs 116.6 crore, despite a slight dip in earnings on Friday. However, it rallied over the weekend, experiencing a surge in collections. ‘Jawan’ charted a comparable course, culminating in a whopping Rs 211.16 crore over the same period.
Following the weekend fervor, both films encountered the usual Monday drop in revenue. ‘Leo’ brought in Rs 35.19 crore, while ‘Jawan’ registered earnings of Rs 32.92 crore, with the numbers staying relatively close.
The story continued into Tuesday, with ‘Leo’ expected to garner around Rs 28 crore, while ‘Jawan’ closed the day with Rs 26 crore, maintaining a slight edge.
In terms of the overall six-day Box Office collection, ‘Leo’ accumulated a commendable Rs 244.59 crore. In contrast, ‘Jawan’ raced ahead, amassing a grand total of Rs 345.11 crore during the same period.
Overall, the key takeaway is clear: ‘Jawan’ commenced with a solid start and held its ground, especially during the weekend. Although both films experienced a dip on Monday, ‘Leo’ maintained a slight lead. Ultimately, ‘Jawan’ triumphed with an impressive six-day collection that crossed the Rs 300-crore milestone, while ‘Leo’ fell just short of reaching the Rs 250 crore mark.

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