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Whenever someone makes a song on the deities Krishna and Radha, they tend to write how the latter misses the former. However, when Raahul Jatin made his song ‘Taara Vina Re,’ he expressed how Krishna longed for Radha. Speaking about the song, the singer says, “In most of the songs Radha is missing Krishna but it is reversed in this song, Krishna is missing Radha.”
“Lyrics, melody, and rhythm make this song unique,” he adds.
‘Taara Vina Re’ is a Gujarati song, which has been composed by none other than Raahul’s father and renowned music composer Jatin Pandit. The songs created by the father-son duo have always been appreciated by the fans and their latest outing is expected to follow in the same footsteps.
Further, as a singer and music composer, Raahul believes in creating songs that have originality. He talks about his music-making process and says, “I try to balance the act when I am making music. It is important to do so because ultimately we are here to sell the music that people love and enjoy.”

“When it comes to balancing the act out, Making something that you believe is trending now and has your personality in the song and when you put everything together if you feel satisfied with it, that’s where your quality of an artist is shown,” he adds.
Over the years with the choice of music, Raahul has shown that he is not a follower. “When it comes to my recording, I do not really try to do what is working in the market. It’s important that singing your original voice and style should stand out instead of copying someone in a way that is trending,” the singer concluded.

Composer Jatin Pandit’s son, Raahul, talks about his dad

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