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A few days ago the trailer of Arjun Kapoor and Bhumi Pednekar’s upcoming film The Lady Killer was released and it generated quite a buzz on social media. But it is now being reported that a major chunk of the film is yet unfinished. The production had came to a halt due to budget constraints, forcing the producers to make some strategic decisions.
A report on Bollywood Hungama suggests that the production team turned to the editing table to make sense of the existing footage.They carefully crafted the available material to create a coherent narrative. The makers are using clever editing techniques, incorporating relevant voiceovers to bridge the gaps in the storyline, and ensure a coherent viewing experience for the audience.
This decision to release an incomplete film stems from a locked digital deal with a prominent digital partner, which necessitates a theatrical release. The rationale behind this unconventional approach lies in the lucrative offers from OTT platforms. Contracts have been signed with these digital players, and to access the promised funds, the film must be released in theaters.
When it was first reported that film’s production had come to a halt, a source close told ETimes, “More than 90 percent of the film has been shot. Only 3 to 4 days of exterior work is left. The problem they are facing is that the outdoor portion has to be shot in Uttarakhand and because of the incessant rain they are unable to lock the dates. So they are waiting for a dry spell. But as they wait the film (90%) has already been edited and the sound post is on.”
But it is now being said that this schedule hasn’t taken place and the makers are going ahead with the release.
The film is set to release on November 3rd.

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