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Tariq Vasudeva, who has worked in Band Baaja Baaraat, Talaash, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan among other projects, bagged his full-fledged role in web series Aarya 2, led by Sushmita Sen. He received appreciation for his role of Kedia and now he is eagerly waiting to see reactions for Aarya 3.
In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, Tariq spoke about his experience of working with Sushmita in Aarya 2 and 3, his acting process, and his journey so far.
How excited are you for Aarya 3?
I am very, very excited. I’ve done a lot of theater and I had done a cameo in Band Baaja Baaraat many years ago. After all that time now, I would say Aarya season 2 is where I kind of got a very nice role that I really liked. And it was very difficult also in terms of how to play it. I can’t reveal anything about the plot, because it’s going to be released now. But Kedia is a character who likes to protect Aarya all the time. He’s very loyal to her and he had sworn to protect Aarya in season 2 no matter what happens to him. So, definitely there will be interesting things that will happen in the third season also. The danger is higher for Aarya as well and Kedia will definitely try his best to protect her from everywhere. I’m really looking forward to season 3.
How was your experience in Aarya 2?
It was amazing. This character of Kedia was such that he lives on the edge. I had to put a lot of intensity in the performance as well. Overall, it was a tough character to play. I had to make sure the character showcases his agony authentically. I had actually practiced the torture scenes and try to hold on to my breath as long as possible. I loved the role of Kedia. This is an unforgettable role for me.
How was your experience with Sushmita Sen?

It was really good. She is very encouraging. Whenever we were on sets, even if she’s not in the scene, she would look at it and encourage me to perform well. She really makes you feel motivated and a part of the group. That’s definitely one of the great things. Off the camera, she is very nice, very friendly. She spends time with everybody, with the cast and the crew. Everybody respects her and really looks up to her. She makes everybody feel comfortable on the set.
What was the situation on the Aarya 3 set when Sushmita had a heart attack?
Actually, I was not there when that happened. But of course, everybody felt really bad and everybody was hoping that she quickly recovers and wanted her to get back to full health as quickly as possible. As soon as she got better, she herself started doing the shoot. It was very inspiring.

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After this role, did it help you bag different projects?
I’ve been auditioning. Auditions are important no matter what. I’ve definitely done many auditions. And hopefully I’ll get something. There are a few things in the pipeline, some talks are on, so let’s see.
You started off with Band Baaja Baaraat…
I did a cameo in it. Band Baaja Baaraat is such a super-duper hit film and everyone has seen it. Everyone has benefitted from it. People still remember that I did a wedding scene in the film. It’s been more than 10 years since that film was released and I think it will be timeless. Then after that, I did Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. It was a very good experience. It was a very fun film. So I enjoyed working on that also. The producers, directors, actors who I have worked with know that I’m acting. And you always learn something from them. In theater also, you learn a lot because it’s a live performance. There are no retakes. You never stop learning. No matter what film you’re doing or what play or even an ad for that matter, you will learn a lot. So, I always like to think positive.

Was acting always on your mind?
Yeah. I studied theater. Since college basically, I’ve been acting. My parents are supportive because they think that now times are changing. People are seeing that there are so many interesting stories that are always being told. People are watching films, they’re watching OTT, they’re watching plays. So, the audience is there right now.
So you are okay with working across different platforms…
Yes, absolutely. I want to do films and OTT. No reason not to do either one of them. I want to do films which would have a meaningful story. I really feel that that’s very important for me. Any film that I do, I would like to be a part of a strong message that is coming through it. So, whether it is drama or comedy, I still want to have some comments on what is going on in society and in life.
How do you approach your characters?
I use a lot of method acting techniques. I try to find as much honesty and truth as possible. I take cues from my personal experiences in life and try to apply them to the role. I think the one thing actors need to be very good at doing is observing people. That helps a lot.
Any upcoming projects?
I’m currently working on an independent short film. We’ll probably start shooting that in about a month or so. And then, there are some other things that are in the pipeline but are not confirmed as far as other work goes.

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