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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan celebrated her birthday today all while her ethereal beauty remaining as radiant as ever. She remains one of the most enchanting women in the world and that’s why her following refuses to diminish even an iota. One of her long time admirers is filmmaker Subhash Ghai who also directed one of her earlier films – Taal.
Speaking to ETimes, Subhash Ghai reveals all that is timeless and mesmerising about Aishwarya.He reveals that its Ash’s simplicity that makes her such an enchanting personality. In the veteran filmmaker’s own words…

“I signed Aishwarya for Taal because of her simplicity”

When I decided to make Taal, I had a few heroines in my mind. I have always loved working with stars because they keep projecting themselves larger than life even in front of the directors and writers. The character of Mansi in Taal was a pure girl from Himachal Pradesh with pure, divine qualities. So, it was difficult for me to cast a regular star in that character. Any other star would have dominated the screen.
I wanted an innocent face. I remember our friend Dr. Murali from Chennai suggested Aishwarya to me after hearing my script. I called her. She had won the Miss World pageant and was known all over the world. She had done two films and both films did not work out at the box office. She was not appreciated as an actor either. But when I met her, my opinion about her changed. She was so soft-spoken.

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So, I asked her whether she knew how to dance and she told me that she had learned Bharatnatyam. I told make-up artist Mickey Contractor not to do any make-up till we asked for it. It was because her character hailed from the mountains and she would later on arrive to the cosmetic world. I told Mickey, “I’ll tell you when she comes to the cosmetic world. That’s when you do your make-up.” I believe, that’s why Aishwarya looked so gorgeous on screen in Taal. She is a very dedicated actor. I am very proud of her as an artist and as a person.

“Aishwarya is divine and pure”

Aishwarya Rai is a very unique star from the Indian film industry. She is welcomed by all writers and directors regardless of any language of cinema. She is a favourite of all good directors.
She has a wonderful face along with a beautiful soul inside and that speaks so well on screen that she doesn’t look like a glamorous doll on screen. She has been invited at the Cannes Film Festival by international companies. So, what is unique about Aishwarya as an international star?
She has a universal face and divine energies. One gets polluted while being in the big world of glamour. But Aishwarya has been receiving the same kind of love and appreciation from across the world. She attended my birthday this year with the same love and respect for us. Very few stars do that.

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