Bae In Hyuk and Lee Se Young’s memorable first encounter in ‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’ leaves hearts aflutter – Times of India

‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’ is set to take viewers on a captivating journey through time, and the latest sneak peek hints at an unforgettable first encounter between the lead characters, portrayed by Bae In Hyuk and Lee Se Young.
Based on the popular web novel by the same name, the series follows the story of bachelor Kang Tae Ha (played by Bae In Hyuk) and Park Yeon Woo (Lee Se Young), a woman who mysteriously finds herself in present-day Seoul from the 19th century Joseon era and into a unique contractual marriage arrangement.
Park Yeon Woo, hailing from a privileged background in Joseon as the Minister of the Interior’s unmarried daughter, has a hidden life as the ‘butterfly teacher’, discreetly crafting and selling clothing and embroidered goods. It’s a secret life she manages to maintain until she stumbles into modern-day Seoul.
Newly released stills from the drama give us a glimpse of the moment when Park Yeon Woo and Kang Tae Ha cross paths by the wall of his house. Despite her noble status, Park Yeon Woo is dressed as a commoner and is taken aback upon seeing Kang Tae Ha. In an intense and unexpected turn, Kang Tae Ha seizes Park Yeon Woo’s arm and turns her to face him, prompting her to cover his mouth with her hand as if to silence him. The expression on Park Yeon Woo’s face reveals her desperation to avoid being discovered, while Kang Tae Ha appears utterly bewildered, unaware of the unfolding situation.
The producers of ‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’ tease that the dynamic relationship between Park Yeon Woo and Kang Tae Ha, as they navigate two different centuries, will be a highlight of the drama.
Speaking about the narrative, the producers of ‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’ teased, “Finding out what kind of relationship will develop between Park Yeon Woo and Kang Tae Ha as they go back and forth between 19th-century Joseon and the 21st-century present will be the most fun part of watching the drama.” This series will premiere on November 24.

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