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In an exciting development, actor Kim Jun Han is currently in discussions to become a part of the cast for the forthcoming series, ‘Influenza.’ This gripping zombie thriller has already generated buzz with the potential casting of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Park Jung Min, and Kim Jun Han’s possible involvement adds another layer of anticipation to the project.
Star News reports have revealed that Kim Jun Han is being considered for the role of Private Ra In Ho. A representative from his agency, Artist Company, confirmed that Kim Jun Han is earnestly reviewing the offer. The actor, known for his previous work in ‘Anna’ alongside Bae Suzy, brings a wealth of experience to the table, having appeared in various projects such as ‘A Man of Reasons’ (film), ‘Hospital Playlist’ (drama), and ‘One Spring Night’ (drama).

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Private Ra In Ho, the character Kim Jun Han is being considered for, is depicted as the direct junior of Lee Jae Yoon. When confronted with a zombie apocalypse, Private Ra In Ho emerges as a problem solver, offering ingenious solutions to combat the crisis. His strategic thinking leads to the development of successful survival techniques, and his diverse knowledge plays a crucial role in extending the survival time of his fellow squad members.
‘Influenza’ is an adaptation of a novel by author Han Sang Woo, also carrying the same title. The narrative unfolds within a high-rise building’s air defense unit in Seoul, where Jae Yoon, a soldier who has parted ways with his girlfriend Young Joo, finds himself embroiled in a battle against hordes of zombies. Despite his initial vulnerabilities, Jae Yoon summoned the courage to lead his squad in a fight for survival. In contrast, Private Ra In Ho becomes the harbinger of distinctive survival strategies in this apocalyptic world.

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