Director Vinod Rawat reveals Rajkummar Rao acted in Pushtaini without charge: He asked for two-three huge hugs – Times of India

Vinod Rawat is a versatile individual known for his involvement in various aspects of the entertainment industry. He has not only acted in several films but has also worked as a casting director, an acting coach, and even directed Sushmita Sen‘s digital debut in the series ‘Aarya.’
In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Vinod discussed his latest project, ‘Pushtaini,’ which was showcased at the recent MAMI film festival.He also talked about his experiences working with actors likeHrithik Roshan and Sushmita Sen as their acting coach.
Vinod explained that he wasn’t part of the third season of ‘Aarya’ because he had committed to other projects for financial stability. He emphasized the value of learning and personal growth, mentioning that his work on the first season of ‘Aarya’ was a significant learning experience for him. While working with Hrithik Roshan, he learned technical aspects of shooting, scenes, and narratives, and with director Ram Madhavani, he gained insights into capturing various elements. Vinod also contributed creatively to make scenes more interesting.

He praised Sushmita Sen as a highly disciplined and admirable individual, both as an actor and in her personal life. He highlighted her respect for time and the dedication she brings to her work, which he found inspiring.
Vinod shared that his film ‘Pushtaini’ is connected to his own life, with themes of migration, sexual abuse, and family dynamics drawn from his personal experiences. Notably, the people appearing as his family members in the film are his real-life relatives, and they even had to teach one of them Hindi.

The interview also mentioned Vinod’s theatre days with actor Rajkummar Rao, who jokingly asked for ‘two-three huge hugs’ as his fee for appearing in Vinod’s film.

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When asked if he sees ‘Pushtaini’ releasing in theaters, Vinod expressed doubt and suggested that the OTT platform might be a better fit for the film. He mentioned concerns about the film’s commercial success, indicating the unpredictable nature of the film industry.

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