Lee Jong-suk in discussions to join Ace Factory and launch his own production company – Times of India

On November 8th, it was reported by The Fact that Lee Jong-suk is in discussions to become a part of Ace Factoryas his new agency, and simultaneously, he’s taken the initiative to establish his very own production company. Currently, he is in the process of officially preparing for the launch of this new production company, with plans to make it a reality in the early months of the coming year.
The reason behind Lee Jong-suk’s association with Ace Factory seems to be linked to the formation of his own production company. They intend to work together, given Ace Factory’s notable track record in creating remarkable works such as ‘Stranger’ and ‘Greed’. In the past, in 2022, Lee Jong-suk engaged in a strategic partnership with his former agency, A-Man Project. During that period, Lee Jong-suk gained invaluable insights into the world of production by directly managing High Zium Studio, his very own production company.
It is expected that Ace Factory will establish a similar kind of collaboration with Lee Jong-suk. According to insiders, Lee Jong-suk also expresses interest in entering into joint production ventures with well-established drama production companies, specifically for certain projects. His vision is to craft his own company, leaning on the expertise of proficient production firms while also gaining hands-on experience as a producer.
Recognised as a devoted drama enthusiast, Lee Jong-suk’s passion for the world of television series is already renowned among his fans. His forward-thinking approach in selecting projects that seamlessly blend artistic quality and widespread appeal is highly valued.
Since his debut in 2010, Lee Jong-suk has firmly established himself as a dependable and accomplished drama actor. He has left his mark on numerous hit series such as ‘School 2013’, ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’, ‘Pinocchio‘, ‘W’, ‘While You Were Sleeping’, ‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’, ‘Big Mouth’ and many more.

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