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While Shah Rukh Khan‘s Pathaan created an all time box office record just a few months ago when it grossed 1000 crores at the global box office. Now, Pathaan’s spy buddy, Salman Khan‘s Tiger has already broken a record on its first day, for the Diwali day opening number. Not just that, Tiger 3 has also become Salman’s biggest opener.
The film earned Rs 43 crore on Day 1 despite garnerning a buzz of mixed reactions.What’s caught everyone’s attention though is the subject of peace with Pakistan in the film’s story line. The exhibition sector feels that has worked in the favour of the film, with the audience reacting positively to the India-Pakistan camaraderie.

Exhibitor and distributor Raj Bansal talks about how this subject has affected the business of the film. He says, “Because of Diwali, some trade offices were closed so they have not been able to report the numbers. The first-day collection is guestimated to be around 43-45 crores. Tiger 3 has created two records. Number one, this is the highest collection for a Diwali day release. Never in the history of Indian cinema has a film that released on Diwali registered this high a number. Number two, this is the highest opening day collection for any Salman Khan starrer. We are looking at 65-70 crores for Day 2. I would say this is total madness and trade euphoria.”

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On the subject of India-Pakistan friendship portrayed in Tiger 3, Bansal says, “I watched this film yesterday. I had no clue about the story. When the Indian National Anthem started playing in the climax, the 50-odd burqa-clad women in front of me in the auditorium stood up. The public from both countries wants peace. Pakistan army is the hindrance in this. This is a beautiful story so Hindu-Muslim both sections of the audience are liking it. Salman Khan is terrific and Katrina Kaif is mind-blowing. When Katrina does action it looks so natural. The audience went crazy over her towel-clad fight in the film.”

Bansal further adds, “After Shah Rukh Khan’s entry in the mid-part of the movie, I couldn’t hear anything for the next 15 minutes. The audience had gone berserk. The last post-credit scene with Hrithik Roshan also created a frenzy. The franchise looks solid. War 2 also looks big with Hrithik and NTR Jr.”
While there are critics and analysts raising questions about Tiger 3’s subject and it’s appeal, the business that the film has managed is also speaks volumes of the audience’s acceptance. The Tiger franchise still seems to be a draw at the box office.
Sanjay Ghai an exhibitor from Delhi says, “Tiger 3 is a pure mass entertainer with a good story line. It has an appeal for the family audience and I can clearly say, since I have watched the film, it will draw both the classes and the masses. The business on the second day should be around Rs 60 crore.”

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