Song Ji Hyo faces backlash over Instagram post as fans decry insensitivity amid Jeon So Min’s departure from ‘Running Man’ – Times of India

Song Ji Hyo is facing a wave of criticism after sharing an Instagram post that has been deemed insensitive by fans. The actress posted a photo featuring the Running Man cast as they awaited a flight to Singapore, and the absence of Jeon So Min, who recently bid farewell to the show, did not go unnoticed.
The controversial photo, uploaded on November 6, nearly a week before the scheduled airing of Jeon So Min’s final episode, drew swift backlash from fans who found the timing of the post inappropriate.Many expressed their discomfort and disappointment in the comments section, with one netizen questioning, “Are you happy that you’re the only woman on the show?” The post, showcasing the group without Jeon So Min, triggered emotional reactions from fans who had grown attached to the departing member.
Criticism cantered on the perceived insensitivity of sharing a group photo without acknowledging Jeon So Min’s departure, with comments like, “The timing of this photo is unfortunate”, and “As someone who watched Running Man because of Jeon So Min, this photo brought tears to my eyes”. Fans argued that the premature upload seemed to disregard the significance of Jeon So Min’s exit and questioned the appropriateness of such a post before her farewell episode had even aired. One commenter pointed out, “Jeon So Min’s goodbye episode hasn’t even aired yet”, emphasizing the perceived lack of consideration in Song Ji Hyo’s timing.
Jeon So Min officially announced her departure from Running Man on October 23, with her final episode airing on November 12. Her agency explained that, after discussions with the show’s producers and members, it was decided that, Jeon So Min needed time to recharge after her lengthy stint on the popular variety show.

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As the controversy surrounding Song Ji Hyo’s Instagram post continues to unfold, fans remain divided on the appropriateness of the timing, reigniting discussions about celebrity responsibility and sensitivity in the age of social media, especially when addressing significant moments like a co-star’s departure from a long-running show.

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