Amidst contract talks with YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s Jennie gets ‘Jennie Ruby Jane’ trademarked- Here’s why – Times of India

BLACKPINK recently wrapped their big world tour, BORN PINK, where they performed in over 30 cities around the world. Now that the tour is over, each of the members is keeping busy with different things like fashion photoshoots and events. It seems like the four talented members are not taking a break anytime soon.
After their tour ended and they celebrated their seventh anniversary, fans were curious about what’s next.There’s a mystery about the contracts of BLACKPINK withYG Entertainment. While their contracts with the company ended in August, but fans still don’t know if they’ll stay or leave.
Recently, YG Entertainment said they are still talking to the members about new contracts. They mentioned that the final decision will be revealed in an official document related to important management matters and investments. This update from YG Entertainment made fans even more curious about what will happen to BLACKPINK in the future.
In the middle of all this excitement, there’s another interesting thing happening. Jennie from BLACKPINK has decided to trademark her name, ‘Jennie Ruby Jane‘. She took this step earlier this year, registering her name with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights. The popular idol has registered it in ten different categories.
Jennie’s move is being seen as an effort to protect her brand. By trademarking her name, Jennie gets exclusive rights to it. This means that no one else can use her name for certain things, helping her keep a strong identity for her brand. Filing under ten different categories shows that Jennie is serious about protecting her name across many types of businesses.
While fans are keeping a close eye on what the BLACKPINK members are doing during these contract talks, many are praising Jennie for being smart and thinking ahead. By trademarking her name, she’s making sure that her brand stays strong, no matter what happens with the contracts. In simpler terms, it’s like Jennie is securing her name and brand so that she can continue doing cool stuff in the future, whether it’s with BLACKPINK or on her own.

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