Castaway Diva Review Episodes 5-6: Park Eun-bin, Chae Jong-Hyeop and Cha Hak-yeon’s fates are intertwined in a mythical manner – Times of India

The latest two episodes of Castaway Diva arrived amid a lot of anticipation and lived up to expectations. A lot of secrets were spilled, emotions were revealed and abuse was addressed… this weekend, many questions were answered, making the wait for the upcoming episodes a difficult one!
Woo-hak (Cha Hak-yeon) has taken it upon himself to find the truth about the flashbacks he is experiencing and the aggressive reporter lands up at Bong-wan’s (Lee Seung-joon) residence, which arrives with a flurry of memories.Woo-hak is left speechless with a family picture featuring Bo-geol (Chae Jong-Hyeop), Bong-wan and their mother Song Ha-Jung (Seo Jung-yeon). Bo-geol follows his brother to the dilapidated building, promising him the truth in return for a hasty exit from the sordid place. Turns out Woo-hak ended up losing his memory while trying to shield Ki-ho aka Bo-geol, during an abusive event involving his father. Amidst these revelations, Bong-wan gets all the more desperate to search for his son and even ends up hurting Ki-ho’s friend Dae-woong. He eventually picks a clue from the dash cam footage and inches closer in his search of his Ki-ho.
As Woo-hak confronts life’s harsh realities, Mok-ha (Park Eun-bin) tirelessly works to boost Ran-joo’s career. Amidst this Mok-ha finds herself ensnared in a blackmail scheme by Park Yong-gwan (Shin Joo-hyup), who possesses a video of her singing in lieu of Ran-joo. While Ran-joo is enjoying her comeback stint, President Lee (Kim Joo-hun) delivers a curveball by bringing back his ace singer Mo-rae (Bae Gang-hee) in a singing faceoff. Bo-geol is entrusted to be the producer for this special episode and gets Mo-rae to sing live instead of her lip-sync agreement. However, he also insists that if Ran Joo wins the contest, Mok-Ha will have to get on stage to reveal that she has been singing for her idol.
Who is the REAL Ki-Ho?
This week’s episodes focussed on abuse and violence, while also bringing the curtain down on the identity of Ki-ho. Cryptically, the makers seem to have revealed that Bo-geol could well be the dear friend that Mok-ha has been looking for. Despite Mok-ha dismissing him for having no qualities of Ki-ho, Bo-geol remains steadfast by her side, consistently watching over her. Interestingly, Bo-geol has once again set the stage for Mok-ha’s debut, calling the shots from behind the camera.
However, we are rooting for Woo-hak and Mok-ha’s romance, as their bond builds over the episodes. The duo’s candid camaraderie unfolds blissfully in the narrative, with heartwarming moments like shared music and teary embraces. Castaway Diva makers deserve an applause for maintaining its gripping narrative, consistently leaving the viewers with some secrecy and mystery. The love for this series effectively reflects in the record high ratings it has been achieving.

What’s next?
In the coming episodes, Castaway Diva will finally see Mok-ha taking centre stage as a singer for her big debut after 15 years. More layers of Ki-ho’s journey will be revealed while the family struggles to keep their identity a secret as Bang-won closes in.

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