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‘My Demon,’ an upcoming SBS show has just released a sweet and exciting teaser! The show is all about the unusual marriage between Do Do Hee (played by Kim Yoo Jung), a wealthy and distrustful heiress with a demon-like vibe, and Jung Gu Won (played by Song Kang), a real demon who unexpectedly loses his powers.
In the new teaser, we see Do Hee and Gu Wonwalking down the wedding aisle together.They decide to enter a contract marriage, each with their own reasons. Gu Won wants to regain his lost powers and tattoo, while Do Hee aims to utilise his special abilities.

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The teaser gives us a glimpse into their pretend married life, starting with a scene where Do Hee feeds Gu Won a cake she baked. However, things take a funny turn when Gu Won seems unsure about the taste. Later, he tries to move into their new apartment with lots of boxes, but Do Hee coldly kicks him out, insisting he removes unnecessary belongings.
Another scene shows Gu Won returning home late at night, only to find Do Hee waiting for him in the dark. As Gu Won comes out of the shower, they exchange some amusing banter about whether they will go to sleep. The teaser ends with a scene of them lying in bed together, with Gu Won holding onto Do Hee’s wrist, suggesting they might try something new.
The fantasy rom-com, ‘My Demon,’ is set to premiere on November 24 at 10 pm KST. It promises a delightful mix of romance, comedy, and the unexpected as Do Hee and Gu Won navigate their unique contract marriage.

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