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NEW DELHI: As team India gallantly made their way into the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup finals, there was a lot to cheer about. Virat Kohli’s 50th ODI century proves he is the undisputed King of the bat and our hearts. Mohd Shami’s seven-wicket haul as he masterfully bowled New Zealand out, brought in celebrations across the country and for fans across the world. 

However, apart from the pitch, we could not pull our eyes away from ‘Virushka’ as Virat and his wife Anushka are fondly addressed by fans and media. Images of Anushka Sharma enthusiastically applauding, blowing kisses, and her moist eyes as Virat scored his century. He in turn gestured towards her direction, a moment captured in time. As always Virat Kohli acknowledged his wife’s support and love for his milestone. 

“If I could paint the perfect picture it would be this picture, my life partner, the person I love the most is here,” he said. 


Another moment that had everyone gushing was when Virat arrived at the pavilion and was looking to catch her eye at the stands. The couple once again won the internet proving that they are one of a kind. 

However, this is entirely subjective given Bollywood’s other famous jodis. But, one cannot discount the fact that Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have emerged as the scene stealers, scoring big on the popularity quotient, being defined as “relationship and couple goals” by fans and observers. 

There is no denying that they are one of the most powerful and influential couples, given their brand equity. Their celebrity status apart, where every glance and movement is captured on camera, their appeal lies in their simplicity. Being each other’s biggest cheerleaders, they come across as real, rooted and relatable.


Yes, we get the occasional picture-perfect posts on the gram with goofy captions, along with their many marketing collaborations, and announcements. But, beyond the necessity of the public lens, they like keeping it private. From requesting the paparazzi to refrain from filming their two-year-old daughter Vamika to being no-shows at most filmy soirees or even marking their attendance at the many events, no one would dare miss.  

From their mini family vacations, and spiritual excursions together, they are also devoted to their many causes which range from animal rights to encouraging young blood in sport. 

The couple married in December 2017. But we all know it wasn’t easy for the two, especially in the early days of their relationship. Not only Virat’s performance, but even the teams’ was directly proportional to Anushka Sharma’s. She faced the ire of obsessed and crazed fans, so much so to protect their relationship, they even took a so-called break in 2016. 

But each time the trolls took off on her, Virat stood by her and called them out, unabashedly and unapologetically silencing the most vicious and misogynistic trolls. It is the same man who proved the way he stood for his family was the same way he stood as a rock for his team. He called out cricket fans who shamed Mohd Shami, taking a strong stand on how religion and politics had no place in the game. 

The aggression he was known for gave way to a calm and tranquil man, who let his actions speak louder than words. From kissing his wedding ring each time he performed well, to gesturing to his pregnant wife if she had had her meals, Virat Kohli was not only hailed as a major green flag but the ultimate man of all seasons. 

In his own words when post-captaincy and his performance were called out, he admitted to anxiety and said it was his wife who had to cope with his anxiety and distress. 

She on the other has not thought twice about putting herself out there when Virat was unfairly treated. Encouraging and urging him, her posts which make headlines, are a reflection of her pride. More than life partners it is their friendship which strikes a chord. 

Relationship analysts say they have proven that genuine displays of affection are not only acceptable but a sign of growth. 


The two also are a story of inspiration and aspiration in their respective journeys. Self-made individuals who carved a niche for themselves. Virat’s struggles, a young boy who lost his father, but despite his tragedy went to bat for Delhi at the Ranji Trophy. As he became one of cricket’s most enduring icons he has not once forgotten his roots. From his love for Punjabi songs, cravings for channa bhatura and resilience in pursuing his passion, he has proved that nothing is impossible. 

She thrived in the film industry without a filmy surname and went on to form her own production company lending her name to content she believed in.  

With baby two on the way, the Sharma-Kohli union as one would say is truly ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’.

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